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perpetuum mobile CD EX 318-2

… because this brass concert is really enjoyable: precisely played, emphasized with wit, the contours are sharp, the speeds precise. Probably the nicest thing about this quintet is that they take the music appropriately seriously and they have mastered their playing of it.

Die Zeit (Germany)




Wien Modern with Vienna Brass

Rhythmic storms of steel by Wien Modern at the Konzerthaus with the well-playing ensemble Vienna Brass. ... But it was the elementary power of Iannis Xenakis’ Khal Perr for brass quintet and drums that swept them all away – fascinating how the rhythmic storms of steel go back and forth between the two groups!

Die Presse (Austria)




Wien modern…

»… And a radical music, that breaks all the traditional bonds, like that of Iannis Xenakis (whose Kahl Perr Vienna Brass performed with meticulous perfection) almost appears familiarly modern after Schwertsik.

… Since Vienna is not only modern downtown, Vienna Brass also played the program at the Echoraum, where one part of a live CD series was produced.«

Tiroler Tageszeitung (Austria)




EU 4 – Koch International

Isn’t that a joke: Werner Pirchner sends Vienna Brass up hill and down dale of alpine folklore.

The suite »Do you know Emperor Joe?«, its counterpart »The Irrigation of Central Europe« (»Die Bewässerung von Mitteleuropa«) as well as four short compositions serve only one purpose: to entertain the listener with virtuoso humoresques.

It waltzes with the cunning of musicians and to its heart’s content, staggers crookedly, struts perfectly straight and is also brilliantly recorded. First-rate serious entertainment.




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